Creative Fixer
Gerry Farrell Ink

When Gerry was born, the milk was delivered by horse and cart and a fishwife used to walk from Newhaven up to Greenbank every Friday with a basket of herring on her head.

He learned how to write on a tiny slate with a piece of chalk.

Gerry’s Primary 7 school report card said “inclined to be cheeky”.

The first ad that made him laugh out loud was a sign outside a felt warehouse that said “Get felt here.”

The first ad he got published was for a furniture shop. It said “Forget the silk lingerie this Christmas. Buy her wooden drawers.”

He joined the Leith Agency in 1987 before the internet was invented. It had only 12 staff. By the time he left there were 132 Leithers and the agency had won every award you can win in the world including Cannes Lions and D&AD. Gerry has served on both those juries.

Now he’s the co-founder of Gerry Farrell Ink, working with his brilliant art director wife and CEO Zsuzsa

GFI swept the board at last year’s Scottish Creative Awards with its Leithers Don’t Litter entry – ‘Crapitalism – A Rubbish Exhibition’.

In his spare time, Gerry goes to countries like Dubai and Beirut as a D&AD Creative Coach. Two years ago he studied life coaching and is now an Accredited Life Coach.

For a year, he was a volunteer creative communications mentor at RBS Entrepreneurial Spark, helping start-ups sharpen up their comms.

He’s on the Creative board at Wire.

Gerry supports Hibs, flyfishes and loves bluegrass and country music. And keeping Leith clean with the help of our 1,800 Leithers Don’t Litter Facebook followers.

Gerry has turned 60 so he gives zero fucks what anybody thinks of him. That’s  a very liberating feeling for a creative person.

Judging panel

James Cross

Creative Director
BBC Creative

Daniel Evans

Creative Director
Leo Burnett

Greig Anderson

Creative Director
Freytag Anderson

Gerry Farrell

Creative Fixer
Gerry Farrell Ink

Corey Stewart

Head of Agency & Creative Director

Pam Scobbie

Creative Director