Executive Creative Director

I started way, way, way back in 1996 as a junior copywriter, became a senior writer/ group head, moved up to Creative Director then Joint Executive Creative Director at TBWA\ Manchester 3 years ago.

I’ve written, created, thought of stuff for all kinds of clients including; United Distillers, British Airways, Seven Seas, The Co-operative, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Cussons and MBNA to name a few.

Along the way I’ve had two kids, bought two cats, inherited three hamsters and moved agency twice.

Some of my stuff won awards. Some of my stuff didn’t. But that’s life. My mum has been proud of me either way. Love you mum.

Other stuff I like: running, reading about running and recovering from running. Like a Model T Ford you’ll find me in any colour as long as it’s black


"Basically I’m hoping to see any idea that makes me think, “Fuck*, I wish I’d thought of that.” I’m not too fussy about size of budget (it’s what you do with it after all) or type of media. Just surprise me.

*Pardon the language."

Judging panel

Nick Cadbury

Founding Partner & Creative Director

Steve McGauley

Executive Creative Director
Liquid Agency

Lisa Nichols

Executive Creative Director

Neil Sheakey

Design Director – Brand and Design

Malcolm Stewart

Creative Director